Real Dealer Studios Enhances Casino Experience with Viking-Themed Roulette

real_dealer_returns_to_battle_with_viking_themed_rouletteReal Dealer Studios, renowned for its Hollywood-inspired RNG casino games, unveils a captivating fusion in its latest release, Vikings Multifire Roulette. This unique title marries the classic allure of European roulette with the thrill of a dramatic Viking adventure, immersing players in an unmistakably Norse setting.

A Viking’s Realm

Vikings Multifire Roulette transports players to the heart of a Viking warrior’s realm, complete with a crackling fire, a weapons-filled longhouse, and a captivating roulette wheel. The game’s audio-visual extravaganza is elevated to cinematic heights through Cinematic RNG, an innovative process that integrates film-industry quality video footage into the game framework. The result is an immersive experience that surpasses the iGaming standard.

Real Dealer Studios employs cutting-edge effects processes akin to those used by Hollywood studios for high-budget blockbusters. The game’s visuals showcase a hoard of runic designs and are accompanied by the enchanting sounds of mystical, ancient music. The amalgamation of stunning visuals and captivating audio elevates Vikings Multifire Roulette to a league of its own.

Adding an extra layer of excitement, the game introduces a random multiplier feature. Players stand a chance to enhance payouts on straight-up bet wins by up to 500x. Flaming arrows, reminiscent of a Viking siege, reveal two to five lucky numbers, each accompanied by a random multiplier ranging from 45x to 500x. Winning a straight-up bet on a lucky number results in a payout according to the revealed multiplier.

Following in the Footsteps of 9 Masks of Fire Roulette

Building on the success of its predecessor, 9 Masks of Fire Roulette, Vikings Multifire Roulette employs a similar mechanic. The flaming arrow and shield concept proved to be a hit, making it one of Real Dealer’s most successful releases. The new title promises to captivate players and maintain the studio’s track record of delivering engaging and rewarding gaming experiences.

Vikings Multifire Roulette is a unique journey offered through Games Global, adding a touch of exclusivity to the Norse saga. Players seeking a roulette adventure infused with Viking mystique will find themselves drawn into this cinematic and thrilling gaming experience.


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