Blackjack Party

Frequent guests of Evolution powered casinos are already familiar with the developer’s dedicated approach to Live Dealer software, which caters to the needs of players with a different mindset and approach to gambling. When it comes to tradition, most developers choose not to stray from the conventional setup, often leaving us with same, old, dull layout and predictable gaming sessions.

Things are quite different with Evolution Gaming and this is one of the rare developers that actually offers you a choice that’s well beyond selecting a table with or without optional side bets; with Evolution, the choice is made according to your psychological profile! Sounds heavy?

It’s actually simpler than one would imagine – the Evolution tables are designed to give you exactly what you need at any given moment, be it a complete silence that allows you to develop your Blackjack skills or a highly dynamic live casino session when you are down to party.

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General information and rules

Blackjack Party is one of those tables that place the focus on the social aspect of the gambling – which, to a passionate Blackjack player may seem pretty incomprehensible, but makes perfect sense to all those Live Casino visitors who are trying to recreate the experience of land-based casinos.

Recreational gamblers will know exactly what we are talking about – party tables have become extremely popular shortly after the provider and operators started promoting them, and you can find quite a few videos online of private social hangouts turning into spontaneous Blackjack nights, with a bunch of friends spending quality time at the β€œlocal” online casino.

The party tables can be found at pretty much all of the Evolution powered online casinos with a live dealer gaming category. There are no specific requirements that one needs to meet to play at the live table – simply make sure that you have sufficient balance in your cashier and join the fun.

Fun being the operative word since this is exactly what the table is all about; hosted by two dealers, the session will soon turn into a get-together, with long conversations, storytelling, anecdotes, and some Blackjack on the side. The basic knowledge of Blackjack is quite sufficient for this version of the game and the objective is to make it as close as humanly possible to 21, without busting and losing all your money.

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Blackjack Party Rules

The beauty of playing at live casinos, especially the ones powered by Evolution gaming, is that you are not even expected to be that thorough in your understanding of the rules. The possible lack of experience is resolved with the help of an integrated rulebook that the players can find under the Help section. This sector contains the game information that you probably didn’t even know you might be needing. Clicking on the β€œ?” icon will launch a screen window with a seemingly endless number of tabs which you can open without leaving the party. Game objective, the return to the player percentage, payouts, side bets explanation, break down of the Bet Behind feature and pretty much everything but the meaning of life is included here.

Players who already understand the betting system and know what 21+3 and Perfect Pairs are all about will be able to customise the game using advanced video and sound commands, which will enable you to mute the dealer’s voice, turn off the sounds completely, or adjust the video quality from low to medium and high.

Under General settings, one can even remove other players’ chat from the screen as well as the side betting fields, creating a clearer overview of the table. As the game progresses, information on the number of players at the table and the total amount of their joint bets will be regularly updated and displayed on the screen, and if all of the seats are already taken by the time you arrive at the party, you can always use the Bet Behind option instead of just idly waiting.

Evolution has accurately predicted that people will want to be fashionably late even at the Blackjack party, which has made the Bet Behind absolutely indispensable in this game variant. For the Evolution neophytes out there, this feature allows the new players to join the table before a spot clears, submitting a bet behind one of the players. The choice is all yours, although you will be provided with information that can make your decision easier.

For example, the most successful players will be marked as hottest with the number of won rounds next to their names. Bet Behind feature also comes with advanced settings and the players can choose to Double the bet by default when the main player does so, double the bet immediately after a split, or play only with the right hand.

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Table layout and platform navigation

It cannot be said often enough that Evolution platform is one of the best designed live dealer software on the market. The high video quality and beautifully designed studios are, naturally, making the whole experience much more agreeable, but a sophisticated software can really go a long way with making the gameplay seamless.

Every single aspect can be adjusted and the platform even provides the players with an option to access the casino lobby directly from the game screen or add an extra table by clicking on the relevant tab placed in the right corner, at the bottom of the screen. Live chat with the dealers is on the left, while the Live Support can be requested via the button in the top right corner.

Finally, the actual game commands such as Hit, Stand, Split, etc, will appear on the screen only when the players need them, which cuts the betting process in half.

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Benefits and key features

  • Account history with personal records of one’s bets, wins, and losses
  • Live Chat service with a separate Live Support feature
  • Bet Behind option that can be automatised
  • Two dealers ready to show you a good time
  • A full account of the game – rules, bets, payouts, etc
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Final Thoughts

Evolution Party Table is definitely not for everybody, but the great news is that you will not be missing out on a great platform if you decide to pass on the opportunity to party with some pretty chatty and upbeat dealers. You can always go for a different Evolution Blackjack table if this is not “up your alley”, or better yet, simply mute the sound and continue to play when all the partying becomes a bit too much for you.

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