Silent Blackjack

To some players, the havoc around Roulette and Craps tables has no business anywhere near games that require skills and strategic approach. Any social engagement which has no direct reference to the game may even be perceived as rude and frowned upon, especially at the high roller tables, where the focus is placed on the laws of probability and “geometry of chance”.

Fortunately, Leo Vegas has recognised the need for silence at Blackjack tables, addressing the demands of the members who want a moment alone with their thoughts, quietly pondering on their next move, instead of being coerced in a conversation with the dealer or a fellow player.

If what we are saying is hitting close to home, it means that you are the target demographics for Leo Vegas Silent Blackjack table, where everything is about the game – as it should be!

General information and rules

Although streaming under Leo Vegas brand, Silent Blackjack table is provided by Evolution Gaming software developer and gamblers who have been online for a while have definitely played on at least one of the developer’s tables.

Evolution has been in the business for a number of years – since 2006 – and they provide a highly competitive and user-friendly platform for online and land-based casino operators, which includes dedicated, mobile, land-based, and TV Live Casino games.

Evolution studios are located in Latvia, Malta, and Canada, in addition to the USA facility that’s recently announced and currently under construction. 

A single glance at Evolution state-of-the-art studios will reveal everything you need to know about the visual appeal of their games, but players who are more extrovert might have a difficult time to understand the need for a silent table.

Which is perfectly fine, because this table is aiming at the completely different crowd. Recreational players who regard gambling as no more than a social activity are likely to be drawn by the hustle and bustle of the Blackjack Party tables, whereas bettors who rely on strategy and skill are likely never to seek another table after playing at the silent one for the rest of their gambling careers.

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Silent Blackjack Rules

Apart from the gift of silence, this Blackjack table provides an easy to navigate platform, equally suitable for players of all skill levels. To launch the table, the player will need to hold an active membership at Leo Vegas casino – upon completing the registration form, you will gain full access to the Live Casino lobby and your silent session can finally begin.

The rules of the game do not digress from the traditional variant – the goal is to get as close as you can to 21 without busting and if you feel like adding an extra element of risk, the platform provides side bet options and Multi-Seat feature.

The latter option will enable you to take up to 7 seats at the table and multiply the number of bets per session. Bet Behind option is also available, allowing the players to submit their wagers while waiting for a spot on the table to clear.

The feature is also available to the players who are already seated and if you are wondering who is the luckiest player of them all, the gold medal next to a player’s screen name will direct you to the hottest participant. The gold medal will contain the information about the number of rounds won, which is pretty much all the info one will need to decide on the best Bet Behind spot.

This option also comes with a lower qualifying bet and there is no limit to the number of Bet Behind bets that one can submit – in other words, you can wager behind all seven spots at the table.

Risk takers will be thrilled with the two side bets – Perfect Pairs and 21+3. These are optional and can even be removed from the table using the advanced platform-customisation options placed at the top of the gaming screen, to the right.

The payout table for the extra bets will depend on the player’s hand combination (Mixed, Coloured, and Perfect Pair) or the combination between the player’s and the dealer’s hand. If you are still struggling with the hand ranking, the odds, rulebook and possible combinations with the payout ratio can be found under the “?” tab. 
The table limits range from £20 to £5,000 and this particular version of Blackjack introduces the Insurance option and conditions the dealer to stand on 17 and draws on 16.

Betting time is limited and once you place your bet, you can click the “deal now” button to let the dealer know you are ready to proceed with the session. When the time is up, the dealer will draw the cards from the shoe and the Insurance option will pop up on the screen if the dealer’s up-card is an Ace.

In the next stage, the players will have to decide between Double Down, Hit, Stand or Split, where possible. This is where most of us will be quite appreciative of the silence…

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Table layout and platform navigation

Evolution provides one of the most functional and sophisticated gaming platforms on the market, that manages to incorporate all the relevant features without crowding the table.

The final product is a clean layout with all the commands being displayed only when necessary, which is far better than frantically searching for the needed option. Undo and Double buttons are positioned left and right from the chips (which appear on the screen when the bets are opened and disappear as soon as the betting time is up.

Also, it’s important to note that the silent table does not mean you are not allowed to communicate with the dealer – the Live Chat option is available and if there are any pressing issues that require the dealer’s assistance, you will be welcome to use it.

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Benefits and key features

  • Access to other tables and casino lobby directly from the game screen
  • Live Chat feature
  • A complete silence which helps the player maintain the focus and apply the strategy
  • Complete rulebook and advanced optimization
  • Pre-decision feature
  • Full account history and statistics that can be accessed without interrupting the session
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Final Thoughts

If you are a Blackjack player of few words who feels that anything apart from Hit, Stand, Split, or Double is out of line in a game of Blackjack, Leo Vegas Silent Table will make you will feel at home.

Players who are not willing to give up the social aspect of gambling may not enjoy this table, but it can be a great change of pace whenever you are ready to do more than just have fun. In terms of design and functionality, no compromises have been made and you can look forward to a smooth and silent sail…

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