Celebrity Party Blackjack

If you are going to spend your time and money at a Blackjack table, it may as well be exclusive and hosted by dealers that are down for some partying.

We are warning you – this table is not for those who are socially awkward so you best be willing to endure some noisy sessions of casual chit-chat. For the casino dwellers who enjoy the commotion around land-based tables, this shouldn’t be a problem.

The key demographics are all those who view gambling primarily as a fun and recreational activity – those who would like to play in silence will be able to find a table that’s tailored according to their own affinities and if you take a stroll through Leo Vegas Live Casino lobby, you will soon discover a wide range of options, including the Silent Table.

If, however, you are ready to make some noise, you are definitely at the right table! The option is also great as a group activity and next time you’re having your friends over, you may as well take them to the nearest casino in town without actually leaving your apartment.

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General information and Rules

Celebrity Party Blackjack is placed inside the Chambre Separee, or private casino area, located in one of Evolution Gaming studios. More experienced players are already familiar with Evolution Live Dealer platform and their modern, well-lit studios, which are easily recognisable.

It’s enough to visit just one of their Malta, Canada, or Latvia facilities and you will be able to spot an Evolution Live table from a mile away.

The background studio settings of the Celebrity Blackjack variant are worthy of their name and the game is usually hosted by two dealers, who maintain the upbeat atmosphere by animating one another as well as the players.

As the game progresses, the dealers will cover a variety of topics that have little, if anything to do with the actual gameplay. In some cases, the hosts will even wear party hats, burst out with laughter, and talk about private affairs that seem more fitting for a bachelor party.

And there lies the appeal of the Celebrity Blackjack – the game is just a side effect of a friendly get-together and dealing of cards, betting, and winning seems to be something that’s happening in the background as we are discussing the dealer’s love life, childhood, plans for the summer, etc.

The players are more than welcome to jump in at any time and share their own personal stories via the Live Chat service or even engage in an actual discussion with the dealers, asking questions and directing the conversation to the topics they feel comfortable.

Still, you will find that the best sessions are the ones where the dealers spontaneously initiate the topics they themselves are interested in and before you know it, you will find yourself immersed in lives of people you have just met at a Blackjack table. Just like in an actual casino.

And, what happens if you actually become engaged in the game and don’t feel like talking and listening anymore?

The developer has predicted that something like that might happen, and fortunately, once you are ready to focus on the game, the platform will enable you to simply turn off the chat service and mute the dealers – as simple as that!

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Celebrity Blackjack Party Rules

Rule number one is to have fun, but you can go on and immediately check that box in this case.

The qualifying bet is Β£5 while the upper limit is capped at Β£1000 and there are seven seats at the table with the bet behind option that one can use when all the spots are taken.

Before the session is even launched, the player can will be able to see which of the Blackjack tables in the casino lobby have available seats, but if you have your mind set at playing at the Celebrity Blackjack Party table, the Bet behind option will enable you to do that while you are waiting for a spot to clear.

Optional side bets are provided and settled separately from the main bet – there are two separate betting options, Perfect Pairs and 21+3, which can be disregarded completely or even removed from the table.

During the sessions, cards will be shuffled manually by one of the staff members, without interrupting the round and the conversation between the two dealers.

Insurance option will be offered in the course of the game if the dealer’s up card is an Ace. At that point, the players will have the option to add 50% of their original stake and win the Insurance bet when the Dealer draws a Blackjack hand.

The dealers will be required to stand on 17 and draw on 16 and should you become confused about the rules at any point of the game or feel the need to brush up on your general blackjack knowledge and hand ranking, (which can often happen to the beginners with 21+3 side bet, since it uses the poker hand ranking system), the rulebook with all the details and payout odds is integrated in the gaming platform and located under the Help tab.

The betting time is limited and there just about enough time for you to select one of the chips from the screen and place it on the relevant betting area. There will also be quite enough time to undo the move or Double the amount that was wagered in the previous hand.

After the bets are confirmed, the dealer will deal two cards for the player and two for the house, one of which will be faced down.

The follow-up options will then appear on the screen and the player can choose to Stand and wait for the dealer’s hole card to be revealed. Alternatively, one can Hit, Split a pair, or Double Down.

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Table layout and platform navigation

Evolution designers have really been drawing from their own experiences as players when creating Celebrity Blackjack and other Live Dealer platforms.

The layout allows an easy navigation and fast decision-making without interfering with the natural course of the game – this is particularly important when playing at a dynamic table with multiple dealers whose job is to entertain.

This is definitely not the time for crowded and poorly arranged gaming platforms and you will really learn to appreciate simple and functional software design after playing at this table.

With the commands that only appear on the screen when needed and the option to get rid of the side bet fields and turn off other players’ chat messages, Evolution has unquestionably created a model Live Dealer platform that’ visually engaging and very easy to use.

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Benefits and key features

  • Option to optimise the session duration
  • Live Chat service (provided by Evolution Gaming)
  • Bet Behind feature with “hot player” info next to the player’s name
  • Detailed information about previous sessions
  • Audio-video customisation option
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Final Thoughts

Before you decide to give Celebrity Party table a try, a warning is in order – this is not a table that will appeal to everyone and if you are on a strict budget you may want to reconsider your decision to RSVP to this particular party.

While distraction may be fun and playful, staying concentrated and keeping one eye on the game becomes increasingly difficult with all hubbub in the background.

Some people may even experience a certain amount of frustration or anxiety, which has little to do with the table and a lot with one’s personality.

For all of you who like to shake things up a bit and enjoy social interaction that only crowded casinos can give you, Celebrity Blackjack is the next best thing.

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