Live Beyond Live Blackjack from NetEnt

Just when you think you’ve pretty much seen it all when it comes to Live Dealer tables and that none of the software developers can surprise you anymore, NetEnt makes the grade with their exclusive Live Beyond Live table edition… This is just another reminder never to let our guard down and confidently claim that everything has already been invented.

You can always be proved wrong, which is a good thing in the gambling industry, where we, as players, always want to be challenged and kept on the very edge of our seats.

It doesn’t seem that a lot of developers have the necessary knowledge about the psychology of their demographics, but NetEnt, (as well as a few other software providers) understands what makes the online gamblers thick, which explains their 2-decade long existence.

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General information and rules

Without getting into details, we will say this: recent turmoil and managerial re-structuring that the company experienced did not slow down NetEnt. Judging by their press releases and overall activity, they are dedicated to restoring their financial position and going beyond – just like their Live Beyond Live tables.

And what exactly makes this platform so special?

For the first time, the developer has managed to combine a virtual reality environment with an actual live dealer, going further than simply providing authenticity. Believe it or not, this is not your average, traditional Live Blackjack table with a friendly dealer. It is a fully immersive experience that takes live casino to the next level.

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Live Beyond Live Blackjack Rules

Live Beyond Live tables can be found in Unibet and Mr Green online casinos and at the moment the virtual casino floor has four tables, two of them running live Blackjack sessions. Entering the VR floor and taking your seat at the table is as close as you can get to visiting a real casino without stepping inside a land-based facility.

Remember the first time you saw a 3D movie? The vibe is quite similar – you can see other players (or rather their avatars) as they roam across the casino, leave your table and find a seat at a different one, talk to the dealer, etc.

Despite the futuristic settings, Live Beyond Live Blackjack maintains the traditional structure of the game.

We all know what the objective is, and it this version the dealers are required to stand on 17 and draw on 16. The number of seats is limited to 7, but you can move around the floor and observe other players until a spot clears.

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Table layout and platform navigation

If you have already played at one of NetEnt’s live tables, you know that they invest a lot of resources in producing a competitive software with premium video and audio quality. In terms of functionality, no essential difference can be spotted in their Live Beyond Live edition, however, the visual aspect is much more fulfilling than with any of their standard live table variants.

Once you find your seat, the experience is very close to that one of an actual brick and mortar venue – you can observe the action behind the dealer, look at the casino from different angles, and interact with your surroundings. If there are available seats, the marked areas on the table will be lit and the players can see a sign ”open” next to the clear spot.

To join the table, just click on the spot and the seat will be all yours.

The details about the game with all the relevant information will be displayed on the screen and the environment will enable you to see what the action is like on the tables around you. This means that you can go and take a seat at a more social table or select a more quiet session.

The advanced customisation options can be accessed in the main menu and every single feature that has made your life easier in the developer’s regular live software version is included here as well – Live Chat, statistics, integrated rulebook…

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Benefits and key features

  • Fast sessions and visually stunning settings
  • Clear overview of an entire room
  • Insight into the sessions that are running on different tables
  • Two tables, enabling the players to switch back and forward


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Final Thoughts

It seems that NetEnt has single-handedly introduced us to the future of live casino… This platform looks more like something from a Sci-fi movie than an actual product available to online casino players.

It is quite difficult to image returning to a standard version of live dealer tables after playing at the exclusive casino floor, with helicopters passing by the window – it is a penthouse, after all.

So far, the only objection that can be raised is the limited selection of games, but this is probably only temporary, and it’s only a question of time when the provider will add more tables and expand the offer.

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