Mayfair Live Blackjack

Mayfair Blackjack is a custom-made table streamed exclusively for William Hill casino members from one of the Evolution Gaming studios. As an MTO table, Mayfair Blackjack does not have the traditional Evolution settings and recognisable interior – the background is designed to match the William Hill Live Casino colours and the branded tables are surrounded with massive blue curtains.

The name indicates that Mayfair Blackjack is inspired by the West End of London, one of the most expensive districts in the city. There are three Mayfair Blackjack tables available at the casino, Mayfair Blackjack 1/2 and Mayfair VIP Blackjack, for those who can actually afford a night in the May Fair Hotel.

Apart from having a different set of table limits, all three variants share the same traditional Blackjack structure and the table layout.

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General information and rules

Evolution Gaming is a software provider with the vast selection of traditional and original live dealer tables, from the conventional casino games to original products such as Lightning Roulette, Sports Blackjack, Silent and Party tables, etc. While they are obviously willing to go outside the box and explore other possibilities, their classic editions are among the highest ranked live dealer tables in the industry.

It is pretty easy to understand what makes the developer so popular; the video quality is impeccable, the audio is clear, multiple cameras cover every nook and cranny of the table, and the software is sophisticated enough to allow customisation of almost every single element.

There are no changes to the traditional Blackjack structure, which is to be expected, considering the context. Clearly, the idea was to provide a mobile device compatible, elegant Blackjack table that you can find in the most refined land-based casinos, with no more than optional side bets to keep the adrenaline levels above the reasonable limit.

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Mayfair Blackjack Rules

Mayfair Blackjack 1 comes with the lowest set of table limits – from £3 to £500 – followed by the second edition, Mayfair Blackjack 2, with £5 to £1000 limits. The VIP variant accommodates high rollers placing the stakes between £25 to £5,000 per hand.

The game is played with 8 decks and the player’s objective is to top the dealer’s hand without busting. There are seven available seats at the table and the players can occupy more than just one spot, increasing their winning odds and expanding their betting possibilities. If all of the seats are taken, one can use the Bet Behind option and submit a bet behind a seated player.

Once the bets are placed and confirmed, the dealer will deal two cards for the player and two cards for the house. The possible moves will then appear on the screen and the players will be able to select one of the following: Hit, Stand, Double, or Split. Insurance option will appear if the dealer’s up card is an Ace and the players will be able to bet on the possibility that the dealer is holding a Blackjack hand. The dealer stands on 17 and draws on 16.

Re-splitting is not allowed; pairs can be separated only once and just one card for each of the split Aces can be drawn. Double Down option can be selected on the first two cards, as well as on the split hand; once the player Doubles Down, no more than one extra card can be added to the relevant hand.

Mayfair Blackjack also introduces the side bets with a separate payout table. Perfect Pairs bet will win when the player is dealt with two matching cards, whereas 21+3 bet refers to a combination of the player’s hand and the dealer’s up card. These bets are settled independently from the main wager, according to different payout odds, and the players can choose to disregard them completely.

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Table layout and platform navigation

Evolution has managed to build a live dealer platform that comes dangerously close to perfection. In the right upper corner, the player will be able to locate the general settings menu, which offers customisation options ideal for all those players who dread crowded game screens. Here, you will find an option to hide the chat, remove the side bets from the table, mute the dealer’s voice or turn off the game sounds altogether.

Video quality can also be adjusted and you can even add an extra table using the +Table button at the bottom of the screen.

Bet Behind is extremely useful when the table is full or if you are trying to take advantage of other players’ winning streaks. With this option, the players can submit the bets if there are no available seats at the table or to boost their winning odds. If you decide to use this option, the software will allow you to pre-determine your next move if the player in front of you decides to Double down or Split.

Should that happen, you can either choose to automatically repeat the player’s move or leave your hand as it is. 

You will also notice that there are two chat boxes on the screen, one to the left and the other one to the right, at the very top of the screen.

The one to the left is used for communication with the players and the dealer, while the second one will direct you to the casino support team. 

Benefits and key features

  • Highly responsive software with advanced optimisation options
  • Adjustable Bet Behind feature
  • Personal track record with the player’s betting history
  • Multiple tables, each with a different limit range
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Final Thoughts

Not a lot of surprises here, as it doesn’t seem that you can ever go wrong with Evolution Gaming platform. In this case, both the developer and the operator have made sure that you stay put, by providing three versions of a single variant, with the table limits as the only difference. The only condition to join Mayfair Blackjack table and play is to hold an account with William Hill Casino.

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