Perfect Blackjack by NetEnt

If there’s one thing that NetEnt have in abundance, it is innovation. True to this notion, the reputable gaming provider brings us industry-first live dealer twenty-one — Perfect Blackjack — that merges well-known playing experience and unique educational feeling.

Focused on the new and less experienced players, Perfect Blackjack strives to improve gambling knowledge through a ground-breaking approach that mixes real money games and opportunities to learn the basic blackjack strategy.

In this review, we take you through Perfect Blackjack progressive, even bold surroundings, and point out a couple of details you must know before you opt to play this game in a real money online casino.

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General Information

Launched in 2019, Perfect Blackjack is conceived as a three-player table game that hosts an infinite number of players and, as such, combines the best of all live dealer worlds.

The games’ uniqueness, however, is in conceptual settings of the dealer’s role.

To be more precise, when the player joins the game, all it has to do is to set the wager, to choose between two side bets (optionally), and to decide whether it will use two extra auto buttons or not. Afterward, the dealer takes it from there and plays all moves, for all the players, according to the “perfect strategy engine” devised by NetEnt.

In other words, other than initial settings, there are no additional interactions between the dealer and players. The former follows the predetermined strategy rules and concludes each game on behalf of every participant.

Explaining the rationale behind Perfect Blackjack, NetEnt states on their website that dealer’s decisions “are based on predefined scenarios which consider both the dealer’s and players’ hand, taking the game actions which give the player the best odds of winning.”

Thus, a “perfect strategy engine” does not require any additional decisions from players. In turn, other than controlling their bets and two autoplay buttons, patrons can observe hands and learn the blackjack ropes, while experiencing real money atmosphere of interactive gambling.

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Game Rules

Perfect Blackjack follows the rules of other NetEnt’s releases. It’s a 3:2 variant played with eight decks, manually shuffled by an assistant right behind the dealer. The game features two typical side bets, 21+3 and Perfect Pairs.

Betting limits range from €3 to €500, and customary denominations include 1, 5, 10, 25, and 100 chips.

Each hand begins with the player placing a wager, including side bets, and opting whether it will use Auto Split and Auto Double Down buttons. The dealer uses the so-called European Blackjack dealing style, which lets him take his upcard after all players have been dealt with theirs.

NetEnt notes in Fact Sheet on their website that Perfect Blackjack comes with a 0.5 percent house edge. In comparison, the casino’s advantage on side bets is 6.29 percent in 21+3 and 5.79 percent in Perfect Pairs (notwithstanding house edge variations that depend on the type of pair).

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Table Layout and Platform Navigation

The user interface is minimalistic and quite neat, as we’re accustomed to in other blackjack releases from NetEnt.

The top right corner hosts balance and betting information, as well as a pathway to the casino’s lobby. The submenu and table limits data are in the top left corner, while the bottom of the screen is reserved for settings.

Cards are prominent and quite visible on the table to support the educational nature of the real money game. There’s enough space for several hits that the dealer will not hesitate to make if the strategy deems them as proper moves. The main controls pop up at the center of the screen and include Re-bet, Undo, and two Auto buttons, in addition to chips.

NetEnt deploys Perfect Blackjack in two options, Network Standalone and Network Branded Casino. Consequently, players either enjoy in the purpose-made backdrop or routine live casino settings with two additional tables in the background.

In line with the provider’s technology standards, the game is available on all platforms — desktops and mobile devices — and supports all major browsers and operating systems.

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Benefits and Key Features

  • All the usual multiplier live dealer features
  • Vegas rules with medium table limits
  • High definition video stream
  • The super fast tempo that might be challenging to follow by beginners
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Final Thoughts

Perfect Blackjack is genuinely first of a kind and, as such, has two rather essential aspects.

Firstly, it packs the majority, if not all, of features we’re accustomed to when it comes to NetEnt’s releases. There’s probably nothing left to add or subtract. Vegas rules, exceptional video quality, traditional live dealer setup, overall great composition of game elements — all elements for great gambling experience are in place.

On the other hand, it pioneers the educational segment — meant to empower players to learn the basic blackjack strategy — that, at least for the moment, might use some improvements.

Namely, Perfect Blackjack takes all the action away from the player while offers a chance to learn in return. Such a quid pro quo could work if the hands were somewhat slower. But they aren’t.

Thus, beginner players might find it challenging to follow, let alone understand whys behind the moves.

Furthermore, at least for the time being, dealers rarely follow up their actions with comments and instructions. The strategy software that dictates the moves seems to work fine, but in the case of stiff hands and more complicated situations, players are left with nothing to do except to observe.

Now, for practice mode, this is great.

But, in a full-blown money game, such educational settings might be slightly better, more comprehensive, and that includes even a slower pace of the game.

Inevitably, players that look for, dare we say, the unique sense of playing twenty-one juiced up with a hint of online slots feeling might find Perfect Blackjack the ideal match. The same goes for rookies with great perception, capable of keeping the pace with a game.

While it might be difficult to imagine advanced players indulging in Perfect Blackjack, it is, however, important to give credit to such a progressive live dealer initiative. To have the audacity and sense of innovation to mix learning and real money blackjack game is the way to go in enticing beginners to learn the robes as they should.

Thus, it might be fair to assume that all potential rough edges in this game will become smoother in time.

When you take into consideration such a powerful punch of learning the proper playing strategy in conjunction to the omnipresent balance of responsible gaming and gambling within the limits of patrons’ budget, Perfect Blackjack has a lot to offer once it reaches its full potentials.

The rest of the details that influence the outcomes will remain in the hands of luck, and to that end, we wish you the very best of it in your live dealer blackjack adventures.

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