Blitz Blackjack by NetEnt

Perpetual pursuit of improvement is what separates the best from the better. Striving to resemble the former, NetEnt’s latest release, Blitz Blackjack, delivers refreshing upgrade to its precursor, Common Draw Blackjack, and packs an enticing live dealer punch.

Coming on the heels of Common Draw’s popularity, Blitz Blackjack keeps intact the unique structure, configuration, rules, and betting systems players are already fond of and reinvigorates the user interface, table outlook, and the background of the game.

By taking the best-of-both-worlds approach, NetEnt effectively replaces Common Draw with Blitz Blackjack in a unique brand upgrade that “reflects the fast-paced nature of the game.” In doing so, the reputable gaming provider brings this live dealer game closer to a broader audience, which also includes players with limited budgets.

We take a look at what’s under the hood and give you our five cents in this go-to guide through Blitz Blackjack.

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General Information

Blitz Blackjack was launched late in 2019 as a multiplier live dealer game for an indefinite number of concurrent players. The game replaces the conventional seven-seat blackjack table with the technology-driven capacity to host myriad players that play the same hand, bet on identical cards, and make their own decisions.

Such strategic settings, in turn, enable patrons to jump into the game without waiting no matter where they are. This is to say that Blitz Blackjack is equally available on tabletop platforms as well as handheld and mobile devices; at the same time, the software solution supports each major browser and operating system.

Single-camera, crisp video feed puts the table and the dealer at the center of the action. NetEnt has two deployment options for Blitz Blackjack, Network Standalone and Network Branded Casino; depending on the version, you get either fully customized visual backdrop or the usual casino surroundings in the background.

Regardless of surroundings, new table outlook and visual settings design allow players to focus on the game that keeps its DNA unchanged.

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Game Rules

Blitz Blackjack is a 3:2 version of twenty-one that uses eight manually shuffled decks for play and pays 2:1 on insurance. All rules remain the same as they were in the previous version. The dealer stands on 17, players may double on any first two cards, splitting is allowed with no limits in additional hands (other than for Aces), and players may double after splitting (except for split Aces).

Shoe penetration depends on each online hub that hosts the game. Additionally, the dealer takes his second card only after all players have taken theirs (a.k.a. European Blackjack).

Such rules enable a 0.5% house edge, according to official information from NetEnt’s website.

Blitz Blackjack also keeps two side bets — Perfect Pairs and 21+3 — that players embraced quite well in the previous version. While a bit more experienced pundits may long for absent Bet Behind side bet, the two available options offer plenty of action.

As NetEnt states in Blitz Blackjack Fact Sheet, 21+3 side bet has a house edge of 6.29 percent, while Perfect Pairs gives a slightly lower advantage to the casino with 5.79 percent. Worth noting, though, is that in Perfect Pairs side bet changes with each type of pairs.

Blitz Blackjack’s rules allow for all bets between $1 and $100 — the currency in European casinos, for instance, in France, is EUR — and such a range should be more than enough for any player. Budget-conscious patrons, however, might find such low table limits particularly enticing.

There is no automatic shuffler present at the table: The subsequent shoe is pre-shuffled and sits next to the dealer. While a bit more suspicious players may find this at odds, the feature seems to be present in the majority of NetEnt blackjack releases.

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Table Layout and Platform Navigation

The user interface is, in effect, where the majority of changes in the new outlook of Blitz Blackjack occur. NetEnt put the players’ experience in the center of their effort — which in no small contributes to their perpetual growth — and the rejuvenated UI tells the rest of the story.

The control strip is neatly positioned at the top right corner, taking only a fraction of a screen. Live chat window pop up on the left side, betting and balance info sits in the lower-left corner. Such a disposition of elements allows for a clean and straightforward game layout that’s dominated by main controls which hover transparently at the center of a screen.

Other functionalities include the statistics of other players’ moves, the number of patrons betting on the same hand, and analytics of their moves. The latter allows players to compare their actions — Hit, Stand, Split, or Double — with other participants, which might come in handy to learn some new tricks.

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Benefits and Key Features

  • Instant availability of table seats
  • Vegas rules and low table limits
  • Solid analytics of the dealer’s and players’ actions
  • Highly volatile game
  • Extended language support (23 languages)
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Final Thoughts

Blitz Blackjack is a balanced live dealer package.

Visual refreshments allow players to stay focused and in the game with proven track of record. Vegas set of rules keeps the keel of chances and choices evened enough, regardless of players’ type. Excellent video quality and sense of being in the real casino, in conjunction with flexible betting limits, seems to offer great fun any time, any place, any device.

Of course, the players’ experience has a lot to do with the outcomes, and when it comes to that, players’ skills and knowledge walk hand in hand with luck.

Thus, as long as patrons approach this game responsibly and prudently, play within the limits of their budget, and use a well-known playing strategy to govern their moves, it seems that Blitz Blackjack might be a great place to visit.

If you choose to do so, we wish you the best of luck!

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