Common Draw Blackjack by NetEnt

Common Draw Blackjack has been one of the most popular NetEnt’s Live Tables thanks to the game’s unique structure and unlimited table capacity, welcoming an infinite number of players at the same time. Another advantage is that NetEnt has been considerate enough to launch the table in two versions – low and high Common Draw Blackjack.

This is precisely what makes NetEnt one of the go-to software providers when it comes to Live Dealer platforms – their tables are accommodating and no player is left behind. The same approach is, of course, quite beneficial to the operators as well, since they can target a much wider crowd, instead of focusing on the members who can afford high table limits…

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General information and rules

NetEnt is a company with a long industry presence and vast software design experience – they have been in the business for approximately 2 decades, creating some of the most beautiful video slots that can be found online. Their releases such as Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest are considered iconic, inspiring a lot of copies throughout the years. NetEnt’s Live Dealer software has had an equal amount of success, qualifying as one of the most sought-after platforms by both the players and the operators.

The question on everybody’s minds is probably “What makes this version so different from other Blackjack tables in the market?” Well, apart from the great platform, which we will get to later, Common Draw Blackjack changes the traditional game structure by limiting the number of hands to just one, which is played by multiple players. In other words, instead of dealing a hand for each of the players at a table with the limited number of seats, the dealer will simply deal one hand and all of the players will play with the same two cards.

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Common Draw Blackjack Rules

When it comes to the object of the game, there are no surprises here – strike a total that’s close to 21 and try to resist the temptation to draw an extra card when there’s a good chance you will bust. This variant has an Insurance feature, enabling the players to bet on the possibility of dealer holding a Blackjack hand. The dealer, on the other hand, must always stand on 17 and draw on 16. 

All those rules are written across the table, just above the single circle, marking the spot for the player’s bet.

Generally speaking, a thorough knowledge of the rules is not really that important when you are playing on sophisticated software such as the one developed by NetEnt. In this case, the provider made sure that the table is functional and fully equipped to provide pretty much all the support that one might need before becoming completely familiarised with the game.

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Table layout and platform navigation

When it comes to the table layout and software design, NetEnt can easily find a spot among the top five developers in the industry. Apart from the standard customisation which enables the players to adjust the volume, sound, and video quality, the player will also be able to establish communication with the dealer using the Live Chat option placed in the left upper corner of the gaming screen.

One will also be able to see other people as they join and leave the table, but if you do not care about other players’ movements, the box can be hidden from the screen and retrieved once you are ready to “socialise”.

Another great thing about the software is that you will not be required to keep track of the time or the betting process; every time you need to do something, the notification will appear on the screen, calling you to action. The statistics of other players’ moves will appear on the window to the right and you will be able to see a bar next to each of the available moves, showing you how many players out of the total number of participants have opted for a certain move: Hit, Stand, Split, or Double. This is quite awesome if you are still struggling with your Blackjack strategy and not sure what would be the best move under the certain circumstances.

Since you are all playing with the same hand, sometimes an insight into other players’ strategy may be a lifesaver. 

The same window will also show the percentage of players who busted, hit a Blackjack hand, won or ended in a Push position with the dealer. At the very top, the totals of the dealer’s last 10 hands will be displayed and regularly updated.

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Benefits and key features

  • Unlimited table capacity at all times
  • Live Chat service
  • Results of the dealer’s last 10 hands
  • Peer activity represented by a chart


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Final Thoughts

Highly engaging addition to NetEnt’s live dealer opus, especially thanks to the advanced features that allow you to observe other players’ table action and “steal” their strategy. Blackjack fanatics who are on a quest of finding an affordable live table with supreme features will find exactly what they are looking for with this variant.

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