Real Dealer Studios Unveils Rapid Multi-Hand Blackjack with Rachael!

real-dealer-levels-up-its-cinematic-games-offering-with-multi-hand-blackjackReal Dealer Studios, renowned for its Hollywood-inspired table games, has just upped the ante with the release of Rapid Multi-Hand Blackjack featuring the charismatic Rachael Bower. 

Players can now immerse themselves in the thrill of betting on up to three hands per round, mirroring the dynamic experience of land-based casinos.

In the Spotlight – Cinematic RNG

Powered by the innovative Cinematic RNG technology, the game offers realistic dealer interaction, with Rachael Bower guiding players through each round. The cinematic-quality video seamlessly integrates into the random number generator-based game framework, delivering an unparalleled gaming experience.

Positioning itself apart, Rapid Multi-Hand Blackjack introduces the Ten-20™ side bet. Players can cash in whenever their initial two cards total 10 or 20. A pair of 5s takes the excitement a notch higher with a maximum payout of 22:1, adding a strategic dimension to the fast-paced game.

Fourth Installment – Rachael Takes the Lead

This marks Rachael’s fourth appearance in a Real Dealer production, following the success of Vinnie Jones Blackjack, Ultimate Blackjack with Olivia, and Ultimate Blackjack with Rachael. The Texan actress adds her charismatic touch to the multi-hand blackjack offering, creating an engaging and immersive gaming environment.

For avid players seeking this exhilarating experience, Rapid Multi-Hand Blackjack with Rachael is exclusively available through Games Global. Real Dealer continues to redefine the blackjack landscape, offering an unparalleled blend of Hollywood glamour and gaming excitement.

Real Dealer Studios continues its stride in revolutionizing live casino games, introducing “Rapid Multi-Hand Blackjack with Rachael.” The release marks another milestone in the studio’s faithfulness to immersive and authentic gaming experiences. By incorporating the multi-hand functionality, the developer emulates the excitement of land-based casinos, allowing players to engage with Rachael Bower on up to three separate hands per round. The innovative Cinematic RNG technology, blending professional actors and RNG-based gameplay, ensures a cinematic-quality experience. As the fourth blackjack game in its portfolio, this latest addition introduces the Ten-20™ side bet, enhancing the thrill with unique payout opportunities. This demonstrates its dedication to pushing boundaries and offering players cutting-edge live casino entertainment.


”Real Dealer Levels-Up its Cinematic Games Offering with Multi-Hand Blackjack”,, December 11, 2023.