Enhances Live Casino with Stakelogic Chroma Key Studio Technology, a leading entity in the Dutch online casino landscape, is set to significantly elevate its live casino offerings. In collaboration with Relax Gaming, the casino has integrated Stakelogic Live’s state-of-the-art Chroma Key Studio technology, introducing a sophisticated 7 Seat Blackjack experience.

Pioneering Technological Integration

Stakelogic Live’s Chroma Key Studio technology, launched in 2023, represents a breakthrough in the live casino industry. This technology utilizes advanced green screen capabilities, enabling operators to project custom branding and visuals directly onto the game tables. The result is a highly personalized and immersive gaming environment. By incorporating this cutting-edge technology, distinguishes itself as a front-runner in delivering bespoke live casino experiences.

The integration of the 7 Seat Blackjack game stands as proof of’s unstoppable desire to bring its clients only the most innovative products. Broadcast live from Stakelogic’s Chroma Key studios in the Netherlands, the game leverages the latest in streaming technology to ensure high-quality, uninterrupted gameplay. This enhancement not only enriches the visual appeal of the game but also provides an engaging and interactive experience for players.

The Dutch online gaming market is renowned for its rapid adoption of new technologies, and’s latest upgrade is a prime example of this trend. By embracing Stakelogic’s Chroma Key technology, the casino offers a fully customized blackjack experience that meets the market’s demand for unique and immersive gaming environments. This move sets a new standard for live casino offerings in the region, showcasing’s commitment to remaining at the cutting edge of industry advancements.

This collaboration highlights Stakelogic’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of live casino gaming. The integration of Chroma Key technology highlights Stakelogic’s role as an innovator in the iGaming industry, continuously striving to enhance the gaming experience. Through this partnership, players in the Dutch market gain access to some of the most sophisticated and engaging gaming experiences available.

Advantages of Chroma Key Technology

The deployment of Chroma Key technology at brings several significant benefits:

Custom Branding: Operators can project their unique branding onto the game tables, offering a personalized gaming experience that stands out in the market.

Player Engagement: The immersive environment created by Chroma Key technology significantly boosts player engagement and retention by providing a visually appealing and interactive experience.

High-Quality Streaming: The use of advanced streaming technology ensures high-quality broadcasts, minimizing disruptions and enhancing the overall player experience.

The successful implementation of Chroma Key Studio technology at is likely to set a precedent for other operators in the Dutch market and beyond. As demand for personalized and immersive gaming experiences continues to grow, the adoption of innovative technologies like Chroma Key will become increasingly important in distinguishing operators within the competitive online casino landscape.’s integration of Stakelogic Live’s Chroma Key Studio technology marks a significant advancement in the live casino gaming industry. This upgrade promises to deliver a unique and immersive blackjack experience, setting new benchmarks for online gaming in the Dutch market. Through this innovative approach, continues to enhance its offerings, ensuring that its players have access to the most engaging and cutting-edge gaming experiences available.

Neil Tanti, Senior Sales Manager at Stakelogic, said: The Dutch market has been so quick to embrace the Chroma Key Studio over the last 12 months, and we are delighted to welcome Fair Play Online Casino to the party. With Chroma Key, we are changing what is possible in the live casino space, bringing brands closer to their customers thanks to its unique customization possibilities.”

Pascal Janshen, at Fair Play Online casino, said: The live casino landscape is fiercely competitive in the Netherlands, and our partnership with industry leader Stakelogic is a game-changer. By adding 7 Seat Blackjack to our live casino games, we are positioning ourselves at the forefront of innovation in the sector, making FairPlay Casino a top choice for live casino enthusiasts in the Netherlands.


”Fair Play Becomes the Latest Dutch Operator to Take Advantage of the Chroma Key Studio” Press Release. June 26, 2024.