Ezugi Launches Ultimate Roulette, a Live Game Show with Big Multipliers

Ezugi presents its first-ever live game show called, Ultimate Roulette.

The game is set in a stunning circus-themed background and is streamed live from Ezugi’s modern studios to punters across the globe!

With a live game show host, Ultimate Roulette presents classic Roulette in a fun game show format, providing players with entertaining opportunities to win big!

Unique Multipliers – Win Big!

While Ultimate Roulette follows regular Roulette rules, it has a twist that makes it even more exciting!

In every game round, there’s a possibility of 11 of the Straight Up bet numbers on the betting grid being hit with a big multiplier.

Some multipliers can even double themselves, from up to 1000x to up to 2000x.

Five lucky numbers receive random multipliers in the range of 50x to 1,000x, and players can buy up to three extra Lucky numbers each per game round.

The Game Offers Much More!

The Lucky numbers can extend to up to three adjacent numbers and the new numbers will receive the same multiplier as the original number! The purchased multipliers can double, potentially resulting in one or more multipliers with a worth of up to 2,000x.

Ultimate Roulette provides players with a unique gaming experience that combines the classic game of Roulette with the excitement of a game show. The stunning circus-themed environment and a live game show host make the game more immersive and enjoyable.

Ezugi has leveraged its expertise in live casino solutions to create a game that offers players an entertaining and thrilling experience. Ultimate Roulette is designed to cater to the needs of experienced players who are looking for a new and exciting gaming experience. The game is easy to play, and the rules are the same as traditional Roulette.

Fredrik Bjurle, Chief Product Officer at Ezugi, said: “Ultimate Roulette is a momentous launch for Ezugi. It’s not only our first live game show but also a game with incredibly high production values. We are confident that players will be super-excited and entertained by the game’s unique setting and the dynamic multiplier action, which gives them the chance to win up to 2,000 times their bet.”

Bjurle added: “Players will be keeping one eye on where the multipliers are hitting, spreading, and potentially doubling in value too, and one eye on where the ball is coming to rest in the wheel. In terms of player engagement and entertainment value, it’s the ultimate online live Roulette gaming experience.”


”Ezugi launches its first live game show, Ultimate Roulette, with unique multipliers”. March 30, 2023.