Stakelogic Live Proudly Announces New Lobby!

stakelogic_live_launch_new_live_game_lobbyAre you ready for another unparalleled and personalized experience, this time brought by Stakelogic, a reputable iGaming content supplier?

The developer once again expands its offering and strengthens its position on the online gambling scene with the introduction of a new and modern lobby, designed to take the iGaming experience to a completely new level!

Exploring New Lobby!

Stakelogic wanted to create something special for its customers. That’s why it invented its new Live Game Lobby, which delivers a modern and exciting live casino experience.

And take our word for it, you’ve never seen anything like this before! Made to combine innovative design and functionality, this lobby promises a premium live casino experience.

When you enter this new lobby, the first thing you will see is game tiles that will present you with everything this portfolio has to offer. When you place your cursor on a tile, it triggers an overlay that immediately begins streaming video to players, offering a sneak peek into the dynamic happenings at the live casino.

What is also very noticeable is the fact that all elements of the game will be dynamically updated. Players will be able to see seat occupancy as well as other important information. The language the dealer speaks is also displayed.

This lobby gives you the option to bet behind in these games in case the table you want to visit is fully occupied. Working on an even more personalized experience, Stakelogic Live added a My Favorite section to this lobby. This means that players will be able to add their favorite tables to the favoritesand make them easier to access every time they enter this lobby. If you want to take advantage of this feature, you must click on the heart icon that is available on every available game.

More User Friendly Features

If you want to find your favorite games faster and easier, Stakelogic has prepared plenty of amazing filters to help you with that! It is available in each section, and you can select multiple filters or filter the bet limits.

Both of those options will be available regardless of whether you access the lobby via mobile device or desktop. The interface is designed to be exceptionally user-friendly, allowing players to effortlessly switch between tabs and games. Additionally, a convenient “Back to Game” option is presented to players whenever they leave a game, granting them the flexibility to return to the action and resume their seats if they wish to do so. In the top corner of the screen, players can easily spot their current balance, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

For added convenience, players are offered the “Take any seat” feature, enabling them to instantly join any 7-seat Blackjack game without waiting for a specific seat to become available. This caters to the preferences of players who are eager to start playing promptly.

Operators have the freedom to customize the lobby to suit their needs. The interactive lobby banner can showcase up to three games, with the ability to include static images or video files. This dynamic banner constantly updates, refreshing images every three seconds and changing videos once they conclude.

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