on_the_limit_livespins_joins_forces_with_nolimit_cityExciting developments are underway in the world of online gaming as Livespins, a pioneering social live-streaming platform, takes a giant leap forward with the recent acquisition by Evolution Gaming. This strategic move has paved the way for Livespins to integrate Nolimit City’s thrilling slot games into its already dynamic portfolio, setting the stage for a revolution in player engagement!

The Fusion of Two Powerhouses

With Evolution Gaming’s solid reputation as a leading provider of live casino solutions and Nolimit City’s expertise in crafting explosive and highly immersive slot titles, the collaboration between these two industry giants is nothing short of monumental. Livespins, already known for its innovative approach to social gaming, now offers players an unparalleled experience with a mix of live-streamed content and thrilling slot gameplay.

The addition of Nolimit City’s blockbuster slots, such as Mental, Fire in the Hole, and Tombstone RIP, injects a new level of excitement into the Livespins platform. Players not only get to watch their favorite streamers in action but also have the opportunity to bet alongside them, turning every spin into a shared experience. This interactive element adds a whole new dimension to online gaming, blurring the lines between traditional casino play and social entertainment.

Despite the enhanced engagement and social interaction, Livespins remains determined to promote responsible gaming practices. The platform ensures compliance with regulatory standards and provides players with access to protection tools mandated by local and international licenses. This commitment to responsible gaming shows Livespins’ loyalty to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all players.

Global Impact

Livespins’ innovative approach to social live-streaming has resonated with operators worldwide, especially in regulated markets. The platform’s ability to tap into the growing demand for casino and slot streaming while maintaining responsible gaming measures has made it a game-changer in the industry. Operators can now offer a unique and engaging experience to their players, further solidifying Livespins’ position as a leader in the social gaming sphere.

As Livespins continues to evolve and expand its offerings, players can expect even more exciting developments in the future. The integration of Nolimit City’s explosive slots is just the beginning of a new era of interactive gaming experiences.

Michael Pedersen, Chief Commercial Officer at Livespins, said: “Nolimit City is a mega addition to our game portfolio and will be a big hit with our streamers and players. This is a developer that knows how to get players on the edge of their seats thanks to trademarked mechanics like xBet, xSplit, xWays, xNudge and xGod which come wrapped up in some truly wondering themes. This deal unites together two Evolution-owned companies, bringing huge added value to Livespins, Nolimit City, our operator partners and, most importantly, players.”

Malcolm Mizzi, Commercial Director at Nolimit City, added: “Our games deliver thrilling action with each spin. They are volatile with unique mechanics that provide the gripping gameplay that streamers need to keep their audiences engaged. This partnership with Livespins brings our games to a new audience and, thanks to its smart bet behind system, allows them to watch and wager at the same time. This is a great deal for both companies and one with tremendous potential to explore.”


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