Entain Launches The Chase Live Gameshow Inspired by ITV

Entain-launches-unique-live-gameshow,-The-ChaseIn a bold move that merges television entertainment with online gaming, Entain has introduced The Chase, a live gameshow experience inspired by the immensely popular ITV series. Developed in collaboration with ITV and Playtech, this innovative addition to Entain’s portfolio brings the thrill of the TV game show directly to players worldwide.

Capturing the Essence of The Chase

The Chase faithfully recreates the excitement and suspense of its television counterpart. At the heart of the game is a dynamic plinko board, complemented by two compelling bonus features that promise to keep players engaged until the climactic Final Chase. Unlike traditional gameshows, participants can compete for substantial prizes without facing daunting general knowledge questions.

Since its recent launch, The Chase has exceeded expectations, with player spending surging by an impressive 56% within its inaugural month. This unprecedented growth in revenue eclipses previous top-tier launches featuring similar plinko mechanics, emphasizing the game’s immediate appeal and immersive design. The overwhelming response from players reinforces The Chase as a standout in the online gaming arena, setting a new standard for interactive entertainment.

Broadcasted from Playtech’s cutting-edge studio in Riga, The Chase is available 24/7 to a global audience. Initially introduced to Entain’s UK customers, the gameshow quickly expanded its reach to include Ontario, Belgium, and Brazil. Future plans include launching The Chase in additional markets such as South Africa and Italy, demonstrating Entain’s desire to present diverse and engaging gaming experiences worldwide.

Embracing Innovation and Expansion

Entain’s decision to bring The Chase to online platforms represents a strategic advancement in the gaming industry. By seamlessly integrating the excitement of live television with interactive online gameplay, Entain has positioned itself at the forefront of gaming innovation. The game’s unique blend of entertainment and rewards has captivated players of all demographics, solidifying its status as a transformative force in the gameshow genre.

The Chase by Entain isn’t just a game—it’s an immersive journey into the world of live gameshow entertainment. With its captivating plinko mechanics, thrilling bonus features, and global accessibility, this amazing game offers players a unique opportunity to experience the excitement of a beloved TV game show from the comfort of their homes. As Entain continues to expand its reach and enhance player experiences, The Chase stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in online gaming.

Words From the Reps

Graciella Anthony, Global Head of Live and Table Games at Entain, said: “The launch of “The Chase” reaffirms Entain as the home of innovation, excitement, and fun. We are always striving to create innovative content that stands out in the growing live gameshow genre. As the data shows, it has already been a hit with our customers around the world and we expect the game to continue its impressive growth trajectory.”

Steve Watling, SVP Gaming, ITV Studios Global Partnerships, commented: “The Chase Live has been our most anticipated game release in 2024. We have been working with the teams at Entain and Playtech for many months on bringing one of the UK’s most successful and popular gameshow brands to the live casino space. The atmosphere and game elements of “The Chase” have been turned into an engaging and unique live game with the main plinko game, Head to Head and Final Chase bonus games game’s success exclusively across Entain’s portfolio.”

Kevin Kilminster, Chief Product Innovation Officer at Playtech, added: “We are thrilled with this bespoke delivery of the popular ITV game show “The Chase” for Entain, following the highly successful launch of “Well Well Well Live”. This new gameshow, developed in partnership with Entain and ITV, is the first plinko live game developed by Playtech featuring two unique bonus rounds, emulating the experience of the original popular game show. This joint project is a testament to our strong partnership with Entain, as we remain committed to supporting them and creating new and unique content for their players.”


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