Enhanced Live Dealer Blackjack! LuckyStreak Introduces New Tables and Exciting Features for Unmatched Gaming!

LuckyStreak has recently made significant improvements in the playability and user experience of its live dealer blackjack game.

With the introduction of new blackjack tables and exciting features, this popular and ever-growing B2B brand has taken another huge stride forward.

The presenter To Guide You Through the Video!

To introduce these changes, Janis, one of LuckyStreak’s talented games presenters, will guide players through the enhancements in the developer’s latest video.

Shot on location at the company’s state-of-the-art Riga studio, Janis invites players to sit back, relax, and learn about the game’s fantastic new features, specifically designed for mobile screens!

  1. One notable improvement is the revamped table layout, which is now more compact and provides a more transparent view.
  2. Additionally, the chip selector and betting buttons have been improved to be bigger, brighter, and easier to use with a thumb-friendly design.
  3. In terms of accessibility, players can now easily navigate to the gaming lobby, chat, statistics, history, and help sections.
  4. Furthermore, players have the option to personalize their table presence by choosing from a selection of fun avatars.
  5. To enhance visibility and decision-making, LuckyStreak has increased the size of the player and dealer cards, ensuring easy viewing and a seamless gaming experience.

Janis enthusiastically announces, “We’re now emotionally available!” He introduces a brand new emojis menu, thus allowing players to express their feelings during the game.

Moving forward, LuckyStreak has raised a new portrait mode, allowing players to hold their phones vertically, just as planned.

Janis ends by showcasing the visually attractive mobile portrait mode and extends an enticing invitation, “Now, what do you say we get this party started?

LuckyStreak welcomes all customers and players to experience their fantastic new blackjack tables as they roll them out across their gaming lobby.

Lots to Offer

Commenting on this moveLuckyStreak’s COO, Ido Kamiel, said: “Our focus is on delivering and constantly improving the best possible experience for players on the games they want to play. Our new blackjack game stands-out for its mobile user experience, particularly in portrait mode, just as mobiles were intended. We set out to create something special and I’m delighted that we have, and I’m positive our customers will agree.”

To explore this exciting upgrade to your playing experience, LuckyStreak encourages you to watch the video on their YouTube channel. For further information on how LuckyStreak can elevate your customer proposition and increase revenues, reach out to the company’s account manager or contact the brand via its website’s contact form or the email address


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