Hub88 and Playgon Games Introduce VegasLounge Live Casino

Hub88-onboards-Playgon-Games-live-casino-to-integration-platformIn a dynamic move within the online gaming sphere, Hub88, a leading API provider, has sealed a transformative deal with Playgon Games. This strategic partnership aims to introduce Playgon’s live casino offerings to multiple jurisdictions, setting the stage for an enhanced gaming experience for players globally.

VegasLounge – A Taste of Las Vegas

The centerpiece of this collaboration is the VegasLounge live dealer casino, streamed directly from the vibrant city of Las Vegas. With a strong focus on mobile compatibility, VegasLounge brings the glitz and glamor of the Las Vegas casino strip right to players’ screens. This mobile-first approach ensures seamless gameplay across various devices, enhancing accessibility and convenience for players on the go.

VegasLounge offers an array of captivating games and innovative technology that epitomizes the Las Vegas casino experience. Players can indulge in exclusive table content such as Tiger Bonus Baccarat and OddsUp Roulette, designed to deliver immersive and thrilling gameplay. The incorporation of proprietary content adds a unique flavor to the live casino offering, setting it apart in the competitive online gaming landscape.

For Hub88, this alliance signifies a significant expansion of its aggregation platform. By integrating Playgon Games’ live casino portfolio, Hub88 gains access to a diverse range of high-quality titles that resonate with players seeking premium gaming experiences. This strategic move not only broadens Hub88’s game offerings but also positions it as a prominent player in the online gaming ecosystem.

One of the key advantages of this partnership is the ability to target high-value players across multiple markets. Playgon Games’ reputation for delivering top-notch live casino content attracts a discerning audience looking for quality and authenticity. By leveraging Playgon’s portfolio, Hub88 can cater to the preferences of high rollers and seasoned players, offering them a compelling gaming environment that meets their expectations.

Enhanced Visibility and Reach

The collaboration with Playgon Games opens up new avenues for Hub88 to increase its visibility and reach in the online gaming industry. The addition of VegasLounge and other premium live casino offerings to Hub88’s platform enhances its appeal to operators and players alike. This expanded portfolio not only attracts a broader audience but also strengthens Hub88’s position as a preferred API provider in the competitive market.

Beyond the business aspects, the partnership between Hub88 and Playgon Games is a testament to the continuous drive for innovation and player engagement in the online gaming sector. By introducing cutting-edge live casino technology and captivating gameplay, both companies contribute to raising the bar for online gaming experiences.

The collaboration between Hub88 and Playgon marks the beginning of a new era in online gaming. With VegasLounge and other innovative offerings, players can expect a heightened level of excitement and immersion in their gaming sessions. As the online gaming landscape evolves, partnerships like these pave the way for exciting possibilities and enhanced player experiences.

Dracy Krogh, CEO of Playgon Games Inc, said: “Our journey started in a small studio and as a team, we are excited about now expanding to every corner of the world together with Hub88 and their extensive operator network. We are committed to promoting innovation in the industry and this partnership will support us on that mission.”

Ollie Castleman, Head of Hub88, added: “We’re delighted to add Playgon Games’ immersive VegasLounge to our content line-up, with its charismatic dealers and HD graphics sure to be a huge hit with players. By continuing to improve the breadth of our offering, we are giving operator partners the competitive edge needed to stay ahead in this age of rapid technological advancement. Playgon Games and its VegasLounge is a highly valued addition to our platform.”

Source: ”Hub88 onboards Playgon Games live casino to integration platform”. SBC News. June 07, 2024.