Evolution’s Fusion of Lightning Roulette and Crazy Time Bonus Only In Red Door Roulette!

evolution-launches-red-door-roulette,-combining-roulette-with-the-exhilarating-bonus-game-from-crazy-time (1)Evolution, a reputable developer of the best live casino experiences in the industry, has exciting news to share!

This ever-growing supplier has unveiled the latest sensation in online live gaming – Red Door Roulette. This innovative creation merges the brilliance of Lightning Roulette with the acclaimed bonus game from the popular Crazy Time game show. Let’s delve into the key elements that make Red Door Roulette a groundbreaking live gaming experience!

Lightning Roulette and Crazy Time

Red Door Roulette kicks off with an initial slots round, introducing a minimum of three and up to 15 bonus numbers per game. These bonus numbers pave the way to the iconic Red Door, offering players potential access to the thrilling Crazy Time bonus game.

Random multipliers and boosted excitement will be added to the adrenaline rush thanks to the random multipliers of up to 20x. These multipliers have the power to amplify the Crazy Time wheel’s multipliers several times over, intensifying the potential for substantial winnings.

Entering the Crazy Time Bonus Round

If a player has placed a bet on a winning bonus number featured on the Roulette betting grid, they earn the golden ticket to enter the Crazy Time extra round. The tension peaks as the iconic 64-segment Crazy Time wheel takes center stage.

The excitement reaches its pinnacle as multipliers applied to the bonus number work their magic on the Crazy Time wheel. Every Crazy Time wheel multiplier gets multiplied accordingly, presenting the opportunity for significant and multiplied wins.

Red Door Roulette stands as proof of the developer’s desire to further push the boundaries of live online gaming. This dynamic fusion of Lightning Roulette and Crazy Time’s bonus game promises players an unmatched, electrifying experience, unlocking doors to unprecedented thrills and multiplied winnings. Get ready to step into the future of live gaming with Red Door Roulette!

Commenting on this move, Todd Haushalter, Evolution’s Chief Product Officer, said: “At Evolution we changed the game forever when we launched Lightning Roulette. Since then we have been evolving the live casino space with many more live game shows. We’ve seen a lot of players crossover between Roulette and our live game shows and, in the process, learned a whole lot more about game making and what excites today’s players. We believe it’s time now for a pure Roulette game show with a bonus round and we are firing the biggest cannon we have – the excitement of the Crazy Time bonus round within a modern take on the traditional Roulette game. Players all over the world know the famous Red Door that leads to the magical world of the Crazy Time bonus, and now they can have it in Roulette.”

Haushalter added: “We see it as our duty to make time-honored classics like Roulette and Blackjack into games that the next generation and beyond will enjoy playing. Modern players expect bigger pays, more excitement, and more action. Red Door Roulette delivers this on all fronts!”


”Evolution Launches Red Door Roulette, Combining Roulette With The Exhilarating Bonus Game From Crazy Time”,, November 8, 2023.