Evolution Launches Crazy Time Live Game Show to Pennsylvania and West Virginia

EVOLUTIONS-CRAZY-TIME-WORLDS-1-LIVE-GAME-SHOW-LAUNCHES-IN-PENNSYLVANIA-AND-WEST-VIRGINIAEvolution has made an exciting announcement: its wildly popular Crazy Time live game show is now available to online players in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. This expansion follows the game show’s initial US debut in New Jersey last December, marking another significant step in Evolution’s expansion across the United States.

New Markets Welcome Crazy Time

With the addition of Pennsylvania and West Virginia, more US players can now enjoy Crazy Time. Streaming directly from Evolution’s high-tech live casino studio in Philadelphia, this game show is one of the company’s best productions to date. The studio’s advanced technology ensures a seamless and immersive gaming experience, highlighting Evolution’s loyalty to quality and innovation.

Crazy Time is not just another live game show; it’s a unique blend of various gaming elements. The game uses multiple cameras to capture live action, incorporates Random Number Generator (RNG) multipliers, and features augmented reality and elements typical of slot and video games. This combination makes Crazy Time an engaging and dynamic experience that stands out in the crowded online gaming market.

The core of Crazy Time revolves around a main game and four interactive bonus games, each bringing its own flair to the table. The main game involves a two-reel Top Slot spinning alongside a large money wheel, setting the stage for the bonus rounds. These bonus games are:

  • Cash Hunt: Players aim at a shooting gallery to reveal hidden multipliers, adding a fun and interactive element.
  • Pachinko: A puck is dropped down a pegged board, and players wait in anticipation to see where it lands and what multiplier it awards.
  • Coin Flip: This simple yet thrilling game involves flipping a coin to determine the prize multiplier.
  • Crazy Time: The most elaborate of the bonus games, Crazy Time transports players through a red door into a vibrant virtual world featuring a massive money wheel.

Each bonus game offers unique gameplay mechanics and the potential for substantial rewards, with multipliers that can reach up to 10,000x.

One of the main draws of Crazy Time is its potential for significant payouts. The bonus games’ high multipliers mean players have the chance to win big, adding an extra layer of excitement and appeal to the game. This high reward potential is a key reason why Crazy Time has quickly become a favorite among players.

Strategic US Expansion

Evolution’s decision to launch Crazy Time in Pennsylvania and West Virginia is a strategic move to expand its presence in the US market. By making one of its most engaging and entertaining game shows available to more players, Evolution is poised to strengthen its position in the online gaming industry. This expansion reflects the company’s ongoing efforts to grow and innovate within the competitive US market.

The streaming of Crazy Time from Evolution’s state-of-the-art studio in Philadelphia underscores the company’s commitment to quality. The studio uses advanced broadcasting technology to ensure a smooth and immersive gaming experience. This dedication to high standards helps Evolution maintain its reputation as a leader in the live game show sector.

Jacob Claesson, Evolution CEO for North America, said: “Crazy Time has been a massive global hit since launching in 2020 and has attracted millions of players, making it the world’s #1 online live game show. That success story is now continuing across the USA. The reception from players in New Jersey has been fantastic, and Crazy Time is now one of our most popular live dealer games in the state. We’re incredibly excited to bring the unique Crazy Time online entertainment experience to players in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, with more US states set to join in the fun soon.”

Source: ”Evolution’s Crazy Time, World’s #1 Live Game Show, Launches In Pennsylvania And West Virginia”. Evolution. June 04, 2024.